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Maxlife Battery Additive

Max Life Battery Additive is a revolutionary product which Increase the life of your battery by aditional 1 - 2 yr. i.e. now your existing battery which will work for 1 or 2 yr can work for 3 - 5 or more yr depending upon the quality of the battery.


Benefits of Maxlife

  • Extends life of battery by upto 5 year means double or even triple the life of your battery.

  • Extended Backup :- Normally backup of battery decreases in the 2nd yr of its operation. But with this Additive you will get nearly full backup during 2 and 3 yr of battery.

  • Save Electricity :- By adding this Additive into your battery, It will take lass time in charging the battery thus consume less Electricity during charging results in saving electricity also its very helphul in areas where electricity is not regular. In those area fast charging means more backup time.

  • Remove Sulfation from Battery which is the root cause of battery decay. It removes the sulfation from battery plates which is the root cause of all the battery problem i.e. battery become dead , give less backup time etc.

  • Save Environment :- Large amount of batteries are dismental in open area and without taking care of the enviroment. As we all know batteries are made up of lead which is very harmful for our enviroment thus dismentaling these batteries in open means exposing large amount of lead to enviroment and waste battery water is dumped either in rivers or grounds which is very harmfull. This if battery life is increased this will decrease the dead battery stock and saves the enviroment.