When to Use Maxlife Battery Additive :- This Additive is to be used from the 9th Month of purchasing of your battery for better results and to take maximum life out of your battery. Maxlife Battery Additive should start working from the day when only hard crystal of sulfates (2nd Level of Sulfation) starts depositing on Plates. At this Stage if you add Maxlife Battery Additive, it will break these hard crystals and prevents the battery plates from making 2nd level sulfates. Also it prevents the Active material from degrading from plates.

Is Sulfated Battery (Dead Battery) Get Restored with this Additive:- Yes a Sulfated battery can also be restored with this Additive. This depends upon the condition of the battery. Like if the Battery is not damaged in any form (No Broken Contacts, Not Short Circuited, Not Grown in Size, Not Overcharged etc ) then its easy to restore a battery but this will not give you full life of the battery. As we all know ” Prevention is better than Cure ” , so we always suggest to Prevent the 2nd level sulfates for forming up then to cure the battery, when its half dead or fully dead. If you still want to recover your dead battery then you have to consult with our Dealers or contact us on this for more information.

Why battery grows in size and how this Additive Help in preventing it: – The main cause of increase in size or change in the shape of the battery is sulfation. When Sulfation occur Lead-Sulfate crystals are deposited on the plates which goes on increasing day by day. Thus results in increase of size of the plates of the battery. If there is less space in plates it will affect the outer wall and thus the shape of battery changes. Our Additive will prevent the crystal from being deposited on the plates or it decompose the crystal into their original material thus results in normal size of the battery.

Some people say Battery material will drop down in maximum time of 3 years then how battery work for 5-8 yr. :- Battery plates shed its material due to sulfation. When Lead is converted into Lead Sulfate and again converted in to lead or lead oxide then a very small amount of material is shed from the plates but if lead sulphate remains in that condition for a long period of time then the material starts corrosion from the plates and deposited at the bottom of the battery. With our Additive added in the battery Lead – Sulfate formed on the plates will get fully decompose to Lead Oxide and Sulphuric acid. Thus Lead Sufate which is the root cause for the corrosion of the plate is removed which results in the longer life of the plate till natural corrosion of plates occur .

Is there any side effect of pouring the Additive into Battery like Burn or Explode :- No there is no side effect of pouring this Additive into battery. Battery Will bust only if its over charged or there is some technical problem in the battery. Which is due to the problem in faulty invertors or Alternator of the car?