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Max Life Battery Additive


Maxlife Battery Additive is used in batteries which is 6th month old, so as to get maximum life from your battery. For more details on working click here . Maxlife Battery Additive is easy to add, Any person can use this Additive who even does not know about the battery much.


    Usage :-


    For 150 Ah Battery Add 150 Ml Additive into each cell of your battery from the 6th month of purchase of you battery . ( or 1ml per 1 Ah per cell ) Use this Additive twice a year so as to get the maximum life out of the battery.


Max Life Battery chemical ( Discontinue )


Maxlife Battery Chemical contains 80% of chemical and 20% Battery water.

Its only recomanded at time when your battery backup is decreased to 50% of its normall capacity. You can even recover a battery which is almost in dead condition or we can say has 10% capacity ( Results may varry, and you wont able to get full capacity and full life of the battery. Such batteries are too much sulphated that its not possible by the Additive to fully recovered it)

    Usage :-


    Usage for Maxlife battery chemical is as per the condition and capacity of the battery.


    Note :-

    To Use Maxlife battery chemical a person must be technically sound in the batteries. As to add Maxlife Battery Chemical you muct know the following things.


    • Whats the Gravity, Voltage of the battery after its ideal for 2 days.
    • Physically check the battery if its inflated or not.
    • Inspect the battery Water throughly by shaking the battery and check if it contains some black particles in the water or water is in black colour.
    • Check if the internal conections in the battery are prefect.
    • Check if the cells are not shorted due to non presence of seprator b/w the plates. etc.

      Its again sugested that you use Maxlife battery water Additive instead of chemical even if you are 1 % doubt that your battery is not fullfilling of any of the condition writen above.