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I am using this solution form last 2 yr given to me by my Firned as a sample. Now its 3rd Yr of my battery and my battery is giving me Nearly full backup. To my surprise my friend who has purchased the same battery on same day is giving only 1 hr back and is planing to change it. Thanks to Maxlife for Introducing such a solution
Vivek  Jallandhar

Some one told me regarding this type of solution, but I thought its fake, my battery backup is reduced, and I used maxlife solution, I was shock my battery is giving full backup, its really innovative product. I suggest to others… ones use it
Pankaj  Ropar

I am using max solution in my battery, after applying this solution my battery treated as new, before applying I had plan to buy a new battery, but now its running my old battery as new battery.
Hari Kishan 9855725570 Chandigarh

I have seen the advertisement of this product 2 ½ yr back. And I am using a local brand battery. Which is almost 1 ½ yr old at the time I watched this advertisement. I contacted the Dealer and asked him if this solution is helpful for me or not. They said yes to which we use this solution regularly at every 6 months. To my surprise my battery is still working although backup time a reduced to 4 hr approx which is roughly 70%. But its still enough for me. On the other side my neighbor who has purchased the same battery a month later than me is dead a 1 ½ yr back. And he has to purchase new battery.
Kuldeep Singh 9417863100 Khanna

I am using Maxlife battery Solution from last 3 yr in my 2 car Batteries, Its 4th yr amd my car batteries are working like new one. Thanks to Maxlife
Vishavjeet   Chandigarh

I am using Maxlife Battery Additive in my Invertor Battery for Last 2 yr. Its 3 rd Yr to my battery and Its giving me backup of 5 Hr on full load, which is nearly full backup time as when it new its giving me 6 hr max on full load
Raman   Patiala


It works, my battery is giving full backup in it's 4th year of operation.
ANKESH  Ranchi

Can i request a sample? as i am a battery deale,and would like to test the product,then if it satisfies me then go for the dealership..
Sohilraj Kapadia 9824084071 AHMEDABAD

I would like to check with my car's battery
pvenkatesan 919789187141 Villupuram

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