Car battery problems and solutions

Hello Friends

 As you know the winter season is coming and most of us usually face a problem with our car battery. Like in the morning when you get ready to go to your office or you are ready to go for some important work, suddenly your car does not start. This is because you have not taken care of your car battery. Now it’s time to take care of your car battery so that this will not happen again. So friends today in this video I am going to show you how you can do maintenance of your car battery.

When you fall in such a situation then open the hood of your car and look at the terminals of the battery. you will see a white color powder on the +ve terminal of the battery. It is the sulfation that deposited on the terminals of the battery. Now we have to remove this sulfation from the battery terminal. To do so I boil a cup of water and Pour this boiling water on the terminals so that all the powder wash out of the terminal of the battery. Once done pour cold water and rub the terminal with the cloth.  

Once you are done with this you can able to start your car. This powder will decrease the life of your battery and if you want to increase the life of your battery then take Vaseline gel and apply on the terminals as shown. This prevents depositing of sulfation on the terminals until Vaseline remains. 

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