How to Remove sulfation / Carbon from battery Terminals

Sulfation (Carbon) is the root cause which decreases backup of the battery and life of the battery. You have seen this on terminals of the battery as well. Pictures shown below were sent by One of our client in Delhi. We directed him to clean those battery terminals with the goal that your battery will get enhanced backup and life. In order to clean the Terminals what you need to do is detach the inverter from Mains and switch it off. Then unscrew the terminal fasteners with the assistance of pliers. Note Unscrew 1 terminal at one time. Then take boiling water and clean terminal of the battery with the assistance of Cloth. Clean all aspects of the terminal so that no sulfation remains on the terminal and on connector. Reconnect inverter with the fasteners. If you want that this sulfation won’t come on your terminals again, then apply Vaseline on the terminals of the battery.

With this little work you will get following benefits.

1. Save your hard earned money

2. Improved Backup

3. Expanded Battery Life

4. Quick Charging.


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