Maxlife Battery Additive


MaxLife Battery Additive (Make in India) is a revolutionary product with the help of German Technology which Increase the life of your battery by an additional 2 – 3 yr. i.e. now your existing battery which will work for 2 or 3 years can work for 3 – 5 or more year depending upon the quality of the battery.



Maxlife Battery Additive

How to Prepare Maxlife Battery Additive

  1. Take 1.2 Ltr of Distilled Water or you can also use RO Water.
  2. Put Gloves Provided with the Maxlife Battery Additive.
  3. Pour this Chemical Into Water ( Never Pour Water into Chemical)
  4. Stir the Solution with a wooden stick only.
  5. After Stirring for 2-3 minutes, keep it aside for 1 hr.
  6. Your solution is ready for use.


If you have 40 Ah Car Battery then Pour 40 ml solution in each cell of the battery (each battery has 6 cells or 6 opening). If your battery is full with water, never take out water from the battery instead pour whatever amount of additive you can for eg. If the cell has space of 10 ml then pour 10 ml Additive into it and pour rest 30 ml next time.  Store Additive in HDPE Bottle. Never Store Additive is Normal Plastic Bottle.



Additional information

Weight 50 g


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